The Psycopath’s Closet: What is Harley Quinn Wearing?

So, I’ve been starting to investigate a few BOP-related artsy projects but to tackle one of them, I have to finally face a question about the show’s finale that has plagued me for 12 years now: What the hell is Harley Quinn wearing?!

Picture 2_2

I’m completely serious.  Maybe the answers are super-easy and obvious to everyone else out there, but for me they are a baffling, enigmatic mystery.  Throughout the series, Harley has some pretty flamboyant, verging-on-runway outfits (though, so does Helena), but for our purposes I am focusing specifically on her “I’m Taking Over The Clocktower Tonight” outfit from the end of “Devil’s Eyes.”  Here, she is finally out to the Birds as the “evil, pyscho bitch” that we’ve always known she was, and taken control of home base in an outfit that was originally written to be the character’s classic jester unitard, but become more homage than anything. I don’t dislike the costume AT ALL as a practical interpretation of the character. In fact, I quite like the look and have drawn it more than a few times on my Harley Quinn sketches throughout the years. I am however, at the same time, completely baffled by the wardrobe and simply want to know what is going on! Let’s break the costume down a bit…

Picture 3_3

The Top

This I don’t really have questions about (accept one, which we’ll get to later). Obviously, this is some kind of tight, red turtleneck that has been modified by the costume department to feature an open front with the character’s trademark three diamonds from the comics.  Pair that with the red leather gloves, and things are off to a reasonable, distinguishable start.


The Belt

Here is where things get a little tricky though. As the gateway drug to the rest of the costume, this wide, leather (?) belt has a red design on the band and a long red sash that hangs off the back. I’ve never been able to make out the design well, but best guess is some sort of flower design. The red sash on the back also brings along some questions as it may or may not be attached to the top somehow as well. Again, I have NO idea!

Cap courtesy of ashleyscott.com.

Cap courtesy of ashleyscott.com.

The Skirt/Pants

So, I’ve been told that a skirt-over-pants was somewhat in fashion at the time, but still, it’s just confusing. From what I can tell, its a loose pair of short, black capri pants under a black skirt with red piping. My question is, was this a common occurrence? Are these items meant to be together, or was this a Birds of Prey special?

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.43.29 AM

The Shoes

NO CLUE what is happening here? Appears to be some kind of heeled boot with the black/red accents thing going on and red socks. Are these a real shoe? I mean, it seems most likely that the crew would have bought off the rack, but I have never once seen a shoe like this anywhere in the real world. Just another part of the mystery.

Picture 4_7

So there it is. Kind of embarrassing that after 12 years, I still have no idea what this costume is, but that’s my cross to bare. Most likely scenerio here is that, for the final episode of this short-lived show, the costumers didn’t have any real time to make a comic-accurate Harley costume, and instead customized a red top and then got the rest off the rack, but I don’t know for sure.  Of course, I’ve tried contacting some of the wardrobe department from the series, but was never able to get an interview, so the mystery lives on. Such a strange thing to be posting about, but its one of those things that happens when you are obsessed with a show that came and went for so many others. Sometimes, you just have to be the crazy.

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