Episode 3: The Man Behind the Bar – Featuring Robert Patrick Benedict


Episode 3 is up and features our first actor interview! In this episode, I talked with New Gotham’s multi-talented, metahuman bartender, Robert Patrick Benedict (Supernatural, Waiting).  In the podcast, we discuss at length Rob’s time on Birds of Prey, including his first scene, the siege on the Clocktower, and much more.  Plus, Rob talks about his time on FelicitySupernatural, his new short, The Sidekick, as well as his fifth album with his band Louden Swain. A great interview with true Birds of Prey veteran.

Special thanks to Rob for being so generous with his time and an absolute pleasure to talk with.  And a thanks as well to those who helped put us together for the show.  My best of luck to Rob in all of his upcoming projects!


Robert Patrick Benedict Interview Coming Soon!

Rob_benedictRob Benedict (a.k.a. our first guest!)

That’s right, the word is out. Broken Wings‘ first cast interview will be with Robert Benedict in Episode 3, coming in just one week.


In the interview we talk about everything from his days on Felicity, Buffy, Supernatural, and even his very first play. Plus, some insight into what’s coming next for him, including updates for Rob’s band, Louden Swain, and his new short film.

And of course, extensive talk about his work on Birds of Prey! Rob was incredibly generous with his time and it’s going to be a great episode. Stay tuned!



Episode 2: First Times


In this episode, Matt is joined by two Birds of Prey virgins, Carolina Martinez and Max Schadler, fresh off their first screening of the pilot episode.  Batfans themselves, Carrie and Max bring some new perspective to the 11-year-old show as they discuss highlights, flaws, tropes, and what could have been.

Plus, stay tuned for the end of the episode when Matt reveals the first Birds of Prey cast member guest to be interviewed in episode 3!


Delphi Report

Picture 3_6

Lots of news to report today everybody! First up, the second episode is almost complete and will be posted this Friday, March 7th. This episode will feature me and two of my very close, Batman-loving friends who somehow, after years of knowing me, have never seen an episode of Birds of Prey. I sat them down for the pilot episode and then have a talkback afterward, which wound up being very entertaining!

Also, recorded the first, cast member interview the other day, and man is it going to be awesome! Find out who I interviewed at the end of episode 2, this Friday!