Comic Dreams

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Birds of Prey tie-in comic that never was (check out art from that abandoned effort here) and about the other DC shows that have been given the comic treatment; Smallville, Arrow, Flash, Batman ’66, Wonder Woman ’77 to name a few. With so much attention on DC Comics at the moment and all the comic reboots of old shows and universes, I thought it would be awesome to see what a Birds of Prey revival comic would look like now.  So, I found an awesome artist, Ben Cloutier, and commissioned him to come up with a comic cover for our beloved Birds. Happy to report, the results are pretty awesome!


Added the DC Comics and WB logo for fun, but of course they have no affiliation with this project.  This is just me fanboying out on what could be. Ben’s art is absolutely stellar and captures the characters in front of their Clocktower base, ready for another night out, defending their city. I would love to write a few short stories for a comic in the future, but that’s not in the budget at the moment.  For now, I love looking at Ben’s art mocked up into a sort of “What Could Be” comic cover. Please check out Ben’s DeviantArt page where he posts his work and takes commissions at a VERY reasonable price, especially considering his talent.  And if you happen to know someone at DC, you tell them I’ve got a great idea ready to go!