Keep Calm… More Podcasts Soon!

keep_calm_and_watch_birds_of_preyThe streets of New Gotham have been quiet these past few weeks, but something is definitely on the horizon!


Happy to announce that Episode 4 of Broken Wings will be available next Friday, May 16th.  This episode features my interview with indie film maker and the man that built New Gotham, Tim Everitt.  A rare example of a fan who got to work on comic-inspired properties, Tim holds probably the best credit on the Birds of Prey crew list; “Gotham City Animation Supervisor”.  We talk about his work building New Gotham City from the ground up, as well as his many adventures in special effects and movie making.  His insight into the series is awesome and I can’t wait for you all to hear about it!

Check back next week too for an all new editorial article I’ve written about the series, that lays out my theory about where exactly Batman and Joker went in the world of the series.  Stay tuned!


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