What made the Birds of Prey series finale what it was?  The final fight.  And what made the final fight?  The original music.  For anyone who has only seen the official DVD release of Birds of Prey, much of the music originally used in the show was replaced with cheaper songs.  Perhaps the most offensive example of this is the final fight music; a nothing fem-pop tune on the DVD, but originally T.A.T.U.’s “All the Things She Said”.

A great song, it served perfectly as the driving rhythm behind the Clocktower siege and played out over the whole scene.  Since then though, the song and the band were largely silent, with many wondering “What faux lesbian Russian duo”?  Well, not any more.  Because T.A.T.U. just played the friggin’ Olympics.

That’s right folks, notorious homophobe President Putin apparently forgot to set a Google alert for Russian lesbian singing duo and wound up inviting the perfect girls to the opening ceremonies.   And as far as I can tell, a good day for T.A.T.U. is a good day for B.O.P.