Robert Patrick Benedict Interview Coming Soon!

Rob_benedictRob Benedict (a.k.a. our first guest!)

That’s right, the word is out. Broken Wings‘ first cast interview will be with Robert Benedict in Episode 3, coming in just one week.


In the interview we talk about everything from his days on Felicity, Buffy, Supernatural, and even his very first play. Plus, some insight into what’s coming next for him, including updates for Rob’s band, Louden Swain, and his new short film.

And of course, extensive talk about his work on Birds of Prey! Rob was incredibly generous with his time and it’s going to be a great episode. Stay tuned!



Delphi Report

Picture 3_6

Lots of news to report today everybody! First up, the second episode is almost complete and will be posted this Friday, March 7th. This episode will feature me and two of my very close, Batman-loving friends who somehow, after years of knowing me, have never seen an episode of Birds of Prey. I sat them down for the pilot episode and then have a talkback afterward, which wound up being very entertaining!

Also, recorded the first, cast member interview the other day, and man is it going to be awesome! Find out who I interviewed at the end of episode 2, this Friday!


Broken Wings on iTunes

Broken Wings on iTunes

Great news, the podcast is now available on iTunes! All you have to do is go to the iTunes store and type in “BrokenWingsPodcast” as one word. Then you can subscribe to the show and get every new episode automatically when it is posted.

Also, please, if you enjoy the show and want to hear more, leave a quick review on the iTunes page.

The first episode is already available to download there, and the second episode should be available next week (it’s already recorded though and I promise it’s bigger, longer, and way more entertaining than just me talking for ten minutes).

So check out Broken Wings on iTunes and be sure to check back with the site for news on episodes to come!


I’m sure anyone who has seen this site is more than aware of the great Birds of Prey resource that is  But if you haven’t, head on over and check out the wealth of information, news, and pictures available there!  It’s an awesome site that’s been keeping the Birds flying ever since the beginning, as well as keeping fans informed on what Ashley is working on lately.


We ARE Batman!

If you are fan of Birds of Prey, then you likely give at least the slightest damn about Batman.  And if that’s true, then I dare you to make it through this trailer without crying. If you lose the dare, then please consider contributing to this incredibly worthy cause.  The DVD’s, Blu-Rays, T-Shirts, Art Prints, and more are available at the documentary’s official website,

I have personally always found inspiration in the lore of Batman, and to know that that same inspiration actually helps to save lives, well that’s the greatest thing a superhero could ever wish for.